Educating pupils about smoking

The Peer Education Project was delivered in Brechin High School in collaboration with NHS and Angus Council Community Learning & Development Service with a group of S3 pupils.

Peer education is a term used to describe a range of initiatives where young people from a similar age group, educate and inform their peers about a wide variety of issues.

In this case the focus was on educating S1 pupils about smoking.

The group participated in an intensive training period where they learned about smoking, the dangers of smoking and why young people choose to smoke.

The group then designed and developed a series of workshops for the S1 pupils which encompassed all the knowledge and ideas that were presented to them during their training period.

Jill Cowan, community learning and development worker with Angus Council’s CLD Service said: “Through this project young people have been able to build a number of skills for life, learning and work.

“Overall the project was successful and in supporting young people in becoming peer educators and, through the training, they have been able to give back to their school community and have an impact on the choices that S1 pupils may make around smoking.”

Through participating in the Peer Education project young people also gained a Bronze Youth Achievement Award.

Youth Achievement Awards enable young people to develop as successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors; and recognise young people’s contributions in a variety of settings including youth work, volunteering, active citizenship, alternative curriculum and formal education.