Employment success for college students


A NEW employment partnership between MacKays Ltd. and Angus College has provided a success giving job seekers training and skills required for employment.

Six individuals, including one from Brechin, have now gained employment, with five of them recruited by MacKays to work within the company’s production area.

Candidates for the programme were selected directly from the Job centre by the College’s employability team who identified individuals who would be most suited to working within the job roles required by MacKays.

These individuals were then put through an intensive four week training programme spending one week at Angus College and three weeks at MacKays.

Whilst in the college the cohort worked on their employability skills including punctuality, time keeping and communication skills.

During this time college employability advisors replicated MacKays work environment by requiring that candidates operate within the work hours and even break times which they would have whilst working at MacKays.

The group members were then given hands on experience at the MacKays factory where they undertook training on factory procedures and health & safety.

At the end of the programme five of the candidates were offered positions within MacKays with the final candidate also gaining alternative employment.

This programme has been made possible by funding from Skills Development Scotland which rewards employers for taking on staff through the training scheme.

Angus College Employability Manager Tom Black said: “This is the first time we have run this type of partnership in cooperation with Skills Development Scotland and it has been a great success.

“We are keen to repeat this with other local companies who are looking to employ and wish to take advantage of giving new recruits additional employability training.”

MacKays managing director Paul Grant said: “We are delighted by the selection and induction process provided by Angus College as part of this partnership.

“This has been an excellent exercise for MacKays and I would encourage any other local companies to consider undertaking this type of scheme.”