Enter school newspaper into media awards

Secondary school pupils in Angus, including Brechin High School, are being encouraged to submit their print or online ‘newspaper’ for the Scottish School Media Awards.

The awards aim to encourage young people into careers in publishing and the creative industries, and are of particular interest to pupils who have an interest in writing, photography, design and business, giving them a unique opportunity to demonstrate their organisational skills, team work and creative flair, while gaining hands-on experience in managing a project from start to finish.

Organised by major Scottish company Menzies Distribution, the awards also aim to support the Curriculum for Excellence by building confidence and showing how different school subjects can come together as part of a wider learning experience.

All Scottish secondary schools have been invited to submit creative award entries for a range of categories, from outstanding features to the most exceptional finished magazine or newspaper.

Pupils have until Wednesday, April 30, to submit their entries and the winners will be invited to a special awards ceremony to be held in Edinburgh on Friday, June 13.

For more information and to register, visit www.impressscotland.co.uk.