Formation of Angus Energy Hub

AN EXCITING new partnership between Angus College and the energy industry was launched last week to boost skills and business opportunities across Angus. The Angus Energy Hub was launched at the Renewable Energy Opportunities for Angus Businesses seminar.

The Hub will help people living in Angus through enabling better access to advice, energy saving initiatives and new technologies which can reduce energy bills and provide some householders with an income.

In 2013 a range of seminars, awareness raising events and training courses will be coordinated through the Hub. The Hub itself will be formally launched in 2013 along with a user friendly web portal. Plans are also being developed for an ‘Energy Curriculum Centre’ which will provide industry specific training to support the growth of the biomass, oil and gas and renewable industries in the north east.

The Angus Energy Hub has been brought together by Angus College, in collaboration with Angus Council and industry partners. Renewables developer Eurowind is a founding partner in the project. Local businesses Angus Biofuels and Forster Roofing have also joined, bringing insight into the needs of growing SME businesses who need skilled staff.

Angus College’s Director of Learning and Teaching Kevin Murphy said: “We are delighted to work alongside Angus Council and other industry groups to bring together opportunities for local people, communities and business in the Energy sector.

“The Energy Hub aims to provide businesses in Angus with an opportunity to engage in and shape areas such as future training, be part of the supply chain and grow their own company profiles. This is an exciting time and we aim to provide the people and businesses of Angus with the information and knowledge to take forward the opportunities in this sector as they develop.”

Ian Lindsay, Director of Eurowind said: “I’m delighted that we can announce this initiative today in partnership with Angus College, which will help individuals and businesses reap the rewards of the renewables growth we are seeing in the north east.

“There is a window of opportunity over the next few years where Angus businesses can respond, but it will need a co-ordinated approach to make sure new skills are developed quickly. I meet so many small businesses who want to get involved in delivering the renewables revolution but are uncertain about how to respond and what is required. The Energy Hub should help break down these barriers and ensure the Angus economy gets its share of the economic benefit that is coming.”