Free language classes at D&A College

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In a bid to combat exploitation of non-English workers D&A College, in partnership with Angus Council, have set up a daytime drop-in ESOL (English language) class in Angus.

Due to the demands of family life and employment commitments some workers don’t have access to engage in any form of English language learning - D&A lecturers and community workers are aiming to arm them with a working grasp of English by offering drop-in English classes in OB’s Café in Arbroath’s West Port.

There is a free crèche facility so parents with childcare issues can also access the service.

“A lack of basic English skills can make it difficult for non-English speakers to access essential services, and leaves them vulnerable to exploitation by less scrupulous employers,” explains Peter Yorston head of ESOL at D&A.

“Improving their English skills can help them integrate into their communities and progress within the workplace”