Frustration over unexpected class changes

Andover Primary School Brechin
Andover Primary School Brechin

A Brechin mum has voiced her frustration after her child’s class at nursery was changed at the last minute, without any consultation.

Cherry Thompson contacted the Brechin Advertiser after struggling to get help over the issue.

Her daughter, Grace, attends Andover Nursery in the afternoons and had been advised that she was moving to the morning class, alongside her friends, who her mother says she has a “special friendship”.

However, Cherry explained: “A couple of weeks after getting the first letter saying she would be in the morning class, we got another letter saying that this had changed and she would be in the afternoon class as there would only be 20 children in the morning class, and 30 in the afternoon class.”

She continued: “My daughter is very shy, and needs the support of her friends to go in to nursery.

“They held a moving up day and it was a nightmare.”

She added: “There was no prior warning that they were going to change the classes, and no consultation either.

“I had rearranged my childcare based on Grace moving to morning classes.”

Cherry had sought advice from Councillor Jim Houston, who advised she write to the head of education on the issue.

Cherry said: “While trying to get in contact with the councillor and the council I had a deadline to sign a form for Grace to attend the afternoon class. I felt I had no option but to sign it, otherwise she would have lost her place altogether.

“We are running out of time to deal with it as the schools finish for summer soon and it feels like people are just dragging their feet.”

An Angus council spokesperson said: “While it was always our intention to have 20 places in the morning and 30 places in the afternoon, we unfortunately issued a number of parents with an incorrect allocation for their child.

“Once we realised the error, we apologised to the parents and advised them of the correct time for their child.”