“Good” report for community

As well as an inspection of Brechin High School (see last week’s paper) an inspection of the learning community surrounding the school was also conducted resulting in the learning community gaining “good” and “satisfactory” results.

HM Inspectors from Education Scotland joined activities which young people, adults and community groups are involved in as well as gathering the views of learners, active community members and staff to inspect the learning community surrounding Brechin High School.

During their time within the community the HM Inspectors found the learning community in the Brechin and Edzell ward to have the following strengths:-

Spirit of co-operation between partners in the learning community; Active and motivated volunteers who contribute positively to community life; Range and quality of provision for young people; Learning opportunities for older people.

Five important quality indicators, used to help community Learning and development staff (CLD) and inspectors to judge what is good and what needs to be improved in the learning community, were given as follows:-

Improvements in performance: satisfactory; Impact on young people: good; impact on adults: good; Impact of capacity building on communities: good; and improving services: satisfactory.

The quality of learning programmes around the community were good overall. Most adults, young people and community groups are learning and progressing well.

Adult learner numbers are increasing in most areas and English for speakers of other languages (ESOL) learner numbers are being maintained despite reductions in staffing resources. Increasing numbers of older learners are participating in a range of well-targeted learning programmes and some are gaining accreditation.

Increasing numbers of young people are attending The Attic youth provision with many progressing into volunteering and gaining accredited awards.

Individual agencies have a good vision and sense of direction and community organisations receive appropriate support and are continuing to develop well.

CLD providers are improving their focus on vulnerable young people through the development of well-targeted programmes.

Managing Inspector Steve McHardy said: “CLD providers are developing a stronger understanding of their strengths and areas for improvement and communities are achieving well.

“As a result we have ended the inspection process at this stage.

“There are some improvements needed in self-evaluation.

“Our Link Inspector along with the local authority will discuss the most appropriate support in order to continue to build capacity for improvement.”

To continue the good work of the learning community the following areas of improvement were highlighted:-

To continue to develop an overall vision for the learning community, with clear priorities and intended outcomes; To continue to improve outcome-focused planning and self-evaluation; and to develop and improve young people’s voice to influence planning and change.