Health week at Andover Primary

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Monday, October 15 saw the start of Andover Primary School’s Annual Health Week. Health and wellbeing form a vital part of the curriculum throughout the year but this big focus involves many visitors and partner agencies in ensuring all the pupils develop the knowledge and understanding, skills and activities which they will need whislt at school and in the future.

Learning through health and wellbeing enables the children to:

q Make informed decisions in order to improve their mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

q Experience challenge and enjoyment.

q Experience positive aspects of healthy living.

q Apply their mental, emotional, social and physical skills to pursue a healthy lifestyle.

q Establish a pattern of health and wellbeing that will be sustained into adult life.

During the week the pupils experienced taster sessions for dancing and Tae Kwon Do, learned the importance of a healthy diet, heard from the Coastguard about water safety, met with a psychiatrist and paramedic, re-visited hand washing and teeth care sessions and had a storytelling session with puppets.

Staff extended their thanks to all the visitors who contributed to such a successful and varied week.

Brechin Community Officer, Police Constable Rattray, also visited the school and carried out cycle security marking on pupils’ bicycles.

The scheme, which has been funded by ScotMid, enables the bicycle to be part of a national grid that can help identify them if they are stolen or lost.