High School continuing to improve

Brechin High School
Brechin High School

Angus Council’s Children and Learning Committee heard an update from the Quality Improvement Teams following a review of Brechin High School.

The meeting, which took place on May 19, heard that the school has continued to improve but that this had not lead to a sufficient improvement in attainment.

In the report to the committee, it was outlined that pupils were “motivated and have increasing responsibility for how they learn” and that staff were developing the curriculum from S1 to S3 to improve continuity.

The way senior pupils’ progress is tracked and monitored was also highlighted as an improvement, but the report added: “These improvements have not yet led to sufficient improvement in attainment across the school.

“Staff require more time and further support from Angus Council to continue to make the necessary improvements.”

The report concluded: “The People Directorate are confident that the school will continue to improve under the strong leadership of the Headteacher and the Senior Management Team.

“We will continue to work closely with the school to raise attainment and to address issues raised through the review.”

The review was carried out over a two-day period in February and was carried out by the council’s Quality Imrpovement team and Education Scotland’s Area Lead Officer.

Parents were updated about the review in a letter from HM Inspector David Gregory. Mr Gregory explained that Education Scotland’s Area Lead Officer will continue to work with Angus Council “to build capacity for improvement, and will maintain contact to monitor progress”.

In his letter, which was dated May 18, Mr Gregory also explained that a further inspection is to be carried out within 18 months of the letter’s publication. Parents will then receive another letter detailing the extent to which the school has improved.

The review follows on from last year’s follow-up inspection which found that, while staff were working hard to improve learning and attainment at the secondary school, improvement from the initial 2012 inspection had been “too slow”.