High School pupils help staff eat healthy

Pictured are the pupils during their study
Pictured are the pupils during their study

A group of six pupils from Brechin High School have been working towards a unit award in National 2 Science in the Environment: Living Things.

The group, known as M12, has used their study to encourage staff at the school to ‘Be Active, Be Healthy, Be Happy’.

Over the course of the past year, they have actively participated in a wide range of practical experiences to explore living things, the human body and factors that affect health and wellbeing.

With support, they undertook a health promotion project in collaboration with a variety of staff and external partners to plan, deliver and evaluate a healthy staff break on Friday, May 8. Their learning has been underpinned by a core mantra which they shared with staff which is ‘Be Active, Be Healthy, Be happy’.

They have been engaging in a wide variety of active experiences such as walking, dancing and clapping their hands to music. They have been learning about parts of the body and how to keep them healthy through examining positive and negative lifestyle choices as well as learning about the importance of personal hygiene.

They have been practicing making healthy food choices and they have learned that being active and healthy, makes them happy.

A school spokesperson said: “They displayed some of their work for staff during their break and prepared a healthy range of food and drink for them which included fruit smoothies, veggie sticks with dips and rainbow fruit kebabs. There were very little leftovers so the event can be considered an enormous success.”