High School team up with parents

Brechin High School parents have joined forces with the teaching staff to promote and develop numeracy across the school.

Parents or ‘Maths Angels’, a term coined by the Open University, work through a numeracy booklet with their children at fortnightly classes. The same techniques are also adopted by school staff in the classroom.

The school head teacher, Archie Bathgate, said: “The uptake from parents has been significant and we are expecting the interest to grow.

“This approach sees pupils engage in numeracy activities during form time based on the concepts within the booklet. Parents tackle the same tasks during their fortnightly classes and are given supportive homework to enhance their own skills. There is a 100 per cent return on these homework tasks.

“The school has also embarked on closer links with the primary schools where staff will link with individual primary schools and Brechin High to look at and share good practice.

“If any parent wishes more information on the work being carried out please contact Brechin High School on 01356 622135.”