Information on offer at Andover

Andover Primary School is staging an information evening on Wednesday (tonight) at 6.45pm.

Gregor Robson, the school’s quality assurance officer, will talk about the new report to be issued to all pupils in Angus this term.

The new reporting format has been introduced to comply with Curriculum for Excellence and will no longer include 5-14 levels for each curricular area.

Parents are warmly invited to pop along and learn how this will be used.

The Andover Drumming Group will give a rendering of their favourite tunes and the school choir will perform the songs that won them second place at the Arbroath Music Festival.

A creche and refreshments will be provided.

Andover Parent Council would like to thank everyone for their help and support over the past three years.

“Your sponsorship and support at school events has provided a wide variety of opportunities and technology to help the children learn,” explains a spokesperson.

“For example, every classroom now has an interactive whiteboard linked to the class computer.

“The Parent Council is appealing now, not for money, but for a little of your time.

“Attending two or three meetings a term is interesting and helps you feel more involved in your child’s learning.

“Are you afraid you might be asked to do too much?

“Does an hour a year sound too much?

“Perhaps bag-packing at the supermarket, or helping out at the craft fair?

“The Parent Council has lots of friendly members but we really need more to ensure that we can continue to raise funds and support our children through strong parental involvement.

“Please come along to the next meeting – Tuesday, May 17 at 6.30pm - to discuss our stall at Brechin Pageant.”