“Insufficient progress” at Brechin High

Brechin Community Campus
Brechin Community Campus

Brechin High School has made “insufficient progress” according to the findings of a follow up inspection.

Education Scotland recently made a visit to the school as part of its continuing engagement following an inspection in 2012.

In a letter published on their website, and sent to parents and carers, HM Inspector Alistair Brown noted that “while there is evidence of good practice, the quality of learning and teaching is still too inconsistent”.

The findings of the visit also outlined that in some classes, teachers “expectations for young people’s behaviour and for what they can achieve are still too low”.

Mr Brown continued: “In these classes, pupils do not take sufficient care over their work and are not sufficiently challenged by their learning. Across the school, too many lessons are overly teacher-led and young people are not sufficiently independent or active in their learning.”

While the headteacher, Archie Bathgate, was highlighted for encouraging staff to take on leadership roles and “play a greater part in school improvement”, it was noted that there is a need for “greater consistency in the actions of senior leaders, middle leaders and teachers in taking forward the school’s key priorities”.

Mr Brown concluded: “The school has made insufficient progress since the original inspection. We will liaise with Angus Council regarding the school’s capacity to improve. We will return to carry out a further inspection of the school within 12 months of publishing this letter. We will discuss with Angus Council the details of this inspection.”

An Angus Council spokesman said: “In noting the report, we are pleased it identifies the good practice within the school and particularly the good conduct of our young people towards each other and in class.

“Staff and young people are all very positive about their new surroundings at Brechin Community Campus and the opportunities this modern environment presents.

“As the report states, steps have been taken by the head teacher and staff to bring about improvement where required. That work continues through comprehensive planning and a leadership team that is committed to the improvement agenda.

“In partnership with Education Scotland, council officers, local business and, of course parents and young people, our staff is enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at Brechin Community Campus.”