Key strengths revealed for Brechin High

A SUPPORTED School Review, carried out at Brechin High School on September 5 and 6, 2012, has found the school to have a number of key strengths.

Relationships between staff and young people are described as “very positive”.

Supported School Reviews are intensive review exercises, designed to complement, not replace, the schedule of formal visits undertaken by Quality Improvement Officers and are carried out with the direct involvement of staff of the school.

As part of the review the following additional key strengths were revealed:

Young people were engaged and well behaved.

Staff were found to be reflective and keen to work and learn together to improve the school.

To help improve attainment and underachievement a number of strategies have been employed.

Clear guidance is being provided to form tutors about the management of Tutor Groups.

Encouraging examples of ‘On Track with Learning’ are being well used to plan and track learning and electronic planning and tracking tools are being positively used by staff.

Support for learning assistants is being used effectively in classes to support pupils’ learning.

And, a wide range of supported study is available to pupils as well as lunch clubs and other extra curricular activities including trips.

To continue with the progress made by the school, a list of areas for improvement has been drawn up.

Director of education Neil Logue said in his report to Angus Council’s education committee: “It is expected that the school will now draw up an action plan to show how the agreed areas of improvement will be taken forward.

“Progress against the agreed points for actions will be monitored through regular visits by the school’s link Quality Improvement Officer and senior managers of the education service.”