Lost in translation

MEMBERS of Brechin’s nursery community, left angered by comments regarding the quality of nursing in private nurseries in last week’s Brechiner, have been reassured that the comments “have been lost in translation.”

The comment “if you run a private nursery you don’t have to have it to the standard of a local authority nursery” made in an article about a new nursery coming to Brechin last week left a sour note with some, feeling they were belittling the private nurseries in the area.

Lynn Dean from Smallworld Nursery said: “Smallworld Nursery would like to take this opportunity to wish Mr Mitchell every success in his opening of his nursery.

“However, I feel the need to reply to comments in last week’s Brechin Advertiser where Mr Mitchell stated that ‘if you run a private nursery you don’t have to have it to the standard of a local authority nursery’.

“This comment is totally unjustified as our grades from our inspection reports reflects the excellent quality of care and education that we deliver.

“All staff in the nursery have to be qualified and attend extra hours of trainers, often in their own time to enable them to continue to provide the highest standard of care. They deliver the Curriculum for Excellence under the scrutiny of the local authority and HMIE.

“These comments have undermined the staff at both Smallworld and New Friends nurseries.

“Parents have the right to decide on their child’s nursery experience but I can assure all parents that Smallworld go out of their way to provide the highest quality of childcare and delivery of the same Curriculum for Excellence as provided by the local authority nurseries.”

Karen Cameron, who also felt annoyed by the comments, said: “I am highly offended by this comment.

“Yes I agree that there is a need for more child care but to insult the existing private nurseries appals me!

“I, myself, have worked in private nurseries for the past eight years and, if anything, we have a much higher standard with input from care commission, local authority and HMIE, not as quoted by Mr Mitchell.

“Mr Mitchell should realise that in the world of child care it is essential that the whole of Angus have to work together to ensure the children get the best service in Scotland. He has already isolated this essential network with his naïve comments.

“I am sure that the managers of Smallworld and New Friends will both agree.”

However, owner of the planned new nursery, Mark Mitchell, has assured the community that the comments have been lost in translation and he had not meant to offend anyone with them.

“Having reread the article I can appreciate that my comment about nursery standards is not particularly clear and could be lost in translation,” said Mark.

“My intention was never to cause any offence and I would like to set the record straight by clearly explaining what I meant and why the information on the nursery project was released to the press. All nurseries both local authority and private are required to meet the very stringent standard of the Independent Scottish Care Inspectorate and/or HMIE (now part of Education Scotland).

“The current private and local authority nursery provision in Brechin is consistently of an exemplary standard and has been so for many years.

“This is proven through their excellent track record through numerous Care Inspectorate and HMIE inspections and the many families that use their services.

“What I was attempting to say was that we would be trying to emulate and match the excellent child care already on offer in the area, as there appears to be a need for more.

“The reason for going to the press was to gain the views of parents, carers and other parties in Brechin to help inform the planning of the venture.”