Maisondieu has plenty of mini-Master Chefs

As part of Scotland year of Food and Drink 2015, Maisondieu Primary School hosted a special event to celebrate ‘Taste of Angus’.

The school was approached by Gavin Brymer from The Scottish Butchers Club, who helped secure funding for the event .

Judges taste the finalists' dishes.

Judges taste the finalists' dishes.

Mr Brymer along with other local businesses provided all supplies required and he suggested that the school run a Mini Master Chef competition. He also held an introductory event which was a Butchers Tasting Session.

A school spokesperson said: “All children from Nursery to P7 had the opportunity to attend this tasting session on Friday. April 3. Firstly the children were encouraged to complete homework along with their parents to create a menu for a non-cook starter, hot main course, sweet of your choice.

“We then held our own Mini Master Chef competition in school.”

The final of the Mini Master chef competition was judged by Bill Sturrock, Allan Kantopowitz and Gavin Brymer, with a winner selected from seven different categories. Winners from the seniors classes were Barry McKay (P7), Cassie Steel (P6), Fraser Rae (P5) and Kerris Ross (P4).

Winners from the infants were Samantha Middleton (P3), Jamie Barclay (P2) and Elina Hay (Nursery).

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