Merger for Angus and Dundee colleges

The BOARDS of Angus and Dundee Colleges met last week to consider the best way to serve the learners of their respective communities under the Scottish Government’s regionalisation agenda.

After considering options of federation and merger, both colleges agreed to pursue the merger option, with the aim of creating a new college for the Dundee and Angus region.

In following this route, the colleges will seek to build on the current strengths of both institutions; continue to serve the educational needs of their diverse communities; improve the student experience; recognise the commitment of their highly professional and motivated staff; and operate within government funding guidelines.

In the next few months, supported by the Scottish Funding Council, the colleges will work together in order to plan and progress the next steps in the process.

Kish Srinivasan, regional lead for the Dundee and Angus, said: “Learners have always come first for both colleges and their interests will remain at the forefront as we strive together to create the best possible opportunities for our communities in the future”.