Mini Olympics

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BRECHIN cricket ground played host to a mini olympics last week.

The two-day event saw children from across the Brechin area take part in a variety of sporting activities- before being awarded medals.

Thursday, June 14, saw the culmination of the event. The medal winners were split into two pools. Pool one results saw the bronze medal awarded to the team representing Venice, while silver went to Kingston and gold went to Toronto.

In Pool two, the bronze medal went to Vancouver, silver to San Marino and gold to Zambia.

After the award ceremony, the spectators were treated to a performance of the national anthems of Italy, Canada, Jamaica and Zambia, with all pupils in good voice.

Kelly Moonlight, the Active Angus Co-ordinator who arranged the event, encouraged the pupils to watch Olympics and to follow up any interest in the supports they enjoyed.

Kelly was joined by helpers from Brechin High School, Brechin Youth Football Club and Brechin Cricket and Rugby clubs.