New award scheme launched at Andover

Award winners: Pictured are the first recipents of the 'Andover Ambassador' award
Award winners: Pictured are the first recipents of the 'Andover Ambassador' award

Andover Primary School in Brechin has launched a new award to recognise the achievements of their pupils outwith academic success.

Named the ‘Andover Ambassador Award’ it is designed to recognise when a pupil has been a good representative of the school, whether as part of a school team or as a result of the hard work pupils put in to activities outwith the school, such as taking part in local clubs and activities.

The school held their first award ceremony on Friday (December 14) at a school assembly where family and friends were present to watch pupils received their award for their various achievements.

The winners were as follows:-

Zara Torrie - Zara received her award after she took part in a week long Radio Tay spelling competition where she won a trip for her and her family to go to Sensation in Dundee.

Cameron Ritchie - Cameron is a member of the Angus Junior Strings Orchestra and recently took part in a concert in the Reid Hall in Forfar. In preparation for the concert he had to travel to Forfar Academy for weekly practices.

Morgan Crighton, Chloe Allison, Lauren Strachan, Jamie-Lee Warden - all four pupils received their award for volunteering as helpers for the infant art club. Staff have said that they are invaluable and need no promoting about who to help and what to do.

Jordie Stewart - Jordie received his award for the outstanding art work he has done at home, particularly lots of characters from ‘The Simpsons’.

Ynys Chaffer, Morgan Crighton, Amy Hoyle, Taylor Murray; Josh O’Malley, Juliette Simpson, Jack Wood, Stuart Cameron, Alex Ewen, Kayley Duncan, Kaitlyn Ross, Kerris May, Brandon Downie, Scott Lamond, Scott Hoyle, Emma Ogilvie, Marcus Nicoll, Holly Kennedy and Ewan Fowlie - all pupils took part in a dodgeball tournament. Staff praised their excellent manners, sportsmanship and team spirit. The boys’ team was undefeated in their matches, and the girls’ team performed well against teams from other Angus Schools.

Ellen Donald - Ellen received her award in recognition of her achievements at a recent gymnastics competition, where her team won gold on the beam and floor events, and Ellen got a silver in the individual category.

Davie Stewart, James Hood and Charles Hood - all three boys received their awards in recognition of their art work from home, including drawings of characters and animals.