Newspaper launched by Andover Primary

Pictured are pupils from the P5/6 class who launched The Andover Times
Pictured are pupils from the P5/6 class who launched The Andover Times

Andover Primary School launched their own newspaper earlier this year, which they decided to call ‘The Andover Times’.

Pupils Rebecca Chalmers and Emma Ogilvie from the P5/6 class, sent in an article about it.

“P5/6 recently published the first edition of ‘The Andover Times’, a school newspaper for the pupils of Andover. The idea to start a school newspaper came from a visit to Arbroath Abbey, where P5/6 met published author and illustrator John Fardell. We wanted to share our news around the school but we didn’t know how and then Mrs Brown suggested we start a newspaper

“To see if it was a realistic idea we invited a journalist named Amanda from the Brechin Advertiser to come and visit us and to give us advice. She gave us lots of advice to start a newspaper and answered lots of our questions. Also we took notes and they came in very handy.

“We practised writing reports in our jotters after Amanda came. Then we conducted a survey with the rest of the school, asking if they’d like a newspaper and which it should be, online or on paper. The majority of the school wanted a newspaper and it to be on paper. Only 60 people wanted it online and 99 pupils wanted it on paper.

“In pairs the class interviewed a person from each other class and asked them for exciting news that’s happened in their class. We all turned the news that we got into an article and Mrs Brown picked her favourite out of the pairs.

“We set a deadline of just one week and made it into Newspaper Week. We wrote articles all week, it was very stressful. We arranged a launch party for ‘The Andover Times’ for Friday, June 14. We worked strictly to the deadline and almost everyone got an article in the newspaper.

“Some people’s family came to celebrate the launch with our class. There were stations such as refreshments, newspaper buying, quizzes and our newspaper wall. At about noon three pupils showed a PowerPoint describing how we made the newspaper.

“The day was a big success, everyone had great fun.