No threat to frontline services

An assurance has been given that no schools in Angus will lose their janitors or lollipop people despite cuts being made to services by Tayside Contracts.

Instead a spokesman for the scheme has said it was a “win-win” situation all round with no threat to services or front line jobs.

Frank Reilly, head of facilities services of Tayside Contracts, said the board of the organisation had agreed to cut 21 management posts in janitorial and school crossing patrol services under their control in Angus and Tayside.

However, he allayed any fears that this would result in the loss of crucial janitors or school crossing patrollers. Previously janitor, school-crossing patrol and cleaning services had come under three separate management bodies but streamlining has brought these services under the control of one management team.

“There will be no compulsory redundancies. Jobs will go through voluntary redundancies, early retirements and natural wastage,” said Mr Reilly.

He added there was no deadline for the 21 posts to go and that trade unions and the workforce been involved in the discussions and everyone was happy with what had been proposed.

Once under the same management team, workers for the three sectors could be trained to act as school crossing patrollers and could be recruited at short notice if needed resulting in the services Tayside Contracts offered being enhanced.

A report on transferring Angus Council janitorial and school crossing patrol employees to Tayside Contacts went to the council’s children and learning committee on January 14. The report recommended the transfer to “achieve service improvements and financial savings for the council”.

The report stated that the integration would not result in compulsory redundancies, an improved service would be delivered, there would be a single point of contact for schools on all aspects of facilities management services and there would be a saving of around £200,000 to the constituent councils in a full financial year.