Open doors event at Brechin High School

The people of Brechin are to be given an opportunity later this month to have their say in the future of Brechin High School.

The school has extended an invitation to local residents to visit the school once the new term begins to look at what the school has to offer and to comment on what they think what skills the school should be teaching.

Depute head teacher, Robert Funai said that the school was undergoing considerable change over the next couple of years with the building of a new school and the development of the new curriculum.

“We are keen to involve as many people as possible within the Brechin community in this change and, in particular, to help us mould our new curriculum,” said Mr Funai.

“To that end we are opening our doors on August 26 at 4pm to allow locals to find out more about what we are planning to offer, the new qualifications and the views of the pupils of Brechin High School.”

“We also want to ask Brechin residents which skills we, as a school, should be embedding within our teaching and within the young people of Brechin to ready them for future employment.”

“The school is seeking to develop closer links with as many employers and businesses within the Brechin Community through regular discussion and collaboration.”

He said that a number of other school partners would be present to share their experiences of the school.