Poignant visit to Brechin War Memorial for pupils

Pictured are the senior history students at the Brechin War Memorial.
Pictured are the senior history students at the Brechin War Memorial.

Senior history students from Brechin High visited Brechin War Memorial at the Public Park to honour those who gave their lives in wars of the past century.

The visit took place on Thursday, November 14.

Students Ellie Hill, Erin Smith, Catherine Wales and Beth Watson, explained the reasons behind the visit: “We were asked to study the memorial, and answer a series of follow up questions and tasks which involved identifying symbols on the memorial and studying the names engraved there.

“Many of our class discovered that some of the names on the memorial were lost relations, and this turned out to be a very harrowing experience for those who discovered these connections.

“The sheer number of names on the memorial made us appreciate the significant losses of people from our area in the World War.

“However, we were very upset to discover that the memorial had been vandalised.

“We found this very disrespectful, because, as we have been studying the First World War in class, we understand the extent of the sacrifices made by these brave young men, and think that any attempt to devalue their memory is disgraceful.

“We thought the trip was inspiring as it brought home just how devastating the impact of the war was.

“The effects were just on our doorstep, still as poignant today as they ever were.”