Positive days ahead for Brechin High

Pictured is head inspector Mr Alistair brown.
Pictured is head inspector Mr Alistair brown.

It has been a week of progress at the High School lately with the return of the school inspectors and work finally beginning on the much anticipated new school.

A small team of HMI (Her majesties inspectors) arrived at the school on, believe it or not, Mr Bathgate’s birthday of all days, and immediately began to assess how well the school had progressed since their last visit a few years ago.

On the morning of their departure reporter, Ryan Procter and I managed to catch up with Head Inspector Mr Alistair Brown to ask him, not how well the school had performed, but what life is like as a school inspector.

He told us that he doesn’t actually spend a lot of time judging schools but supporting them to help share ‘good practise and improve capacity building in schools’. Mr Brown told us that working as a school inspector is a very rewarding job as you get to travel all across the country and work in a wide variety of learning environments from nursery’s to secondary schools.

However Mr Brown adds that all of this travelling means a lot of driving and he is now a self-proclaimed expert on poor hotels and every pot hole on the A9.

When asked if Brechin had improved since his last visit Mr Brown said that he couldn’t disclose any information regarding his new report on the school but he did express optimism saying that Brechin is a school that is very much changing.