Praise for Andover

BRECHIN’S Andover Primary School was highly praised by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education following their visit to the school in May of this year.

In the report, published on August 23, inspectors highlighted, among other things, the quality of children’s reading and writing across their learning.

At the time of inspection the roll was 250, including 60 in the nursery class.

Pupils’ attendance was in line with the national average.

HM Inspectors identified the following as key strengths:–

Confident children in the nursery school who are well motivated and achieve widely in a range of activities.

Enthusiastic staff who are open to change and work together well in taking the school forward.

The quality of the children’s reading and writing across their learning.

The quality of provision in the nursery, especially outdoor learning and transitions.

The impact of the head teacher’s leadership in involving staff and children to help the school achieve its aims.

The report states: “Across the school and nursery, staff plan a stimulating, well-balanced curriculum.

“Staff are making good progress in developing the Curriculum for Excellence.

“Staff and children use information and communications technology well to support the curriculum.

“The school ensures effective support is in place for individuals through involving other agencies.

“This includes the school and family support service and voluntary groups such as ‘Insight’ who successfully offer a counselling service for a few children. The very effective Grannies Gogo voluntary listening service is available in the school is children want someone to talk to. The school has built up good partnerships to support children’s learning.

“Most parents are generally positive about the work of the school and nursery.

“Most parents feel that their children enjoy learning and that the school is helping them to become more confident.

“The Parent Council is very supportive of the school

“Staff, parents and children are very active in helping to improve the school.”

However, the inspectors did find some room for improvement and recommended that the school take action to ensure improvement by:– continuing to develop systems to track children’s progress more effectively across the school.

Continuing to develop children’s roles and responsibilities for improving the quality of learning across the school, and act on their views. The full HMIE report on Andover Primary is available on the organisation’s website –