Primary to take part in safe street event

Pupils at Brechin’s Maisondieu Primary School are set to take part in the ‘safer streets’ event organised by charity Brake’s Giant Walking Bus.

A total of 121 schools in Scotland are taking part in the event, which calls on drivers to ‘GO 20’ - slow down to 20 or below around homes, schools and shops - to protect kids on foot and enable more to walk.

The event also calls for more safety measures such as widespread 20 limits, pavements, paths and crossings.

The GO 20 campaign - set up by Brake and a coalition of other charities - calls for 20mph to become the norm in built-up areas, and appeals to drivers to slow down, to make roads safer for children and adults on both foot and bike.

A recent World Health Organisation report on pedestrian safety urged widespread 20mph limits where people live, as they are proven to reduce casualties and encourage walking and cycling.

Brake’s Giant Walking Bus is an annual event in primary schools where children learn about traffic pollution and danger, and transport choices.

Masiondieu Primary are set to start their giant walking bus at 10 a.m., with the primary seven pupils starting the event off, with the rest of the school following in descending order until the nursery children set off.