Prize-winning pupils at Brechin High School

Pictured are prize winners from the Brechin High School. (Picture by Matthew Neve).
Pictured are prize winners from the Brechin High School. (Picture by Matthew Neve).

Prizewinners at Brechin High School for the 2010-11 sessions were:

Sports - Senior boys: Champion - Ewan Buggins; 1500m - Lyall Milne; 100m - Lyall Milne. Cross country - Max Lindsay; Senior girls: Champion - Laura Gray; Intermediate boys: Champion - Marc Scott; Intermediate girls: Champion - Elizabeth Barreiro; Junior boys: Champion - Ryan Duncan; Individual winner - Sam Wood; Junior girls: Champion - Hannah Wilson.

Second year: Effort and endeavour in PE: Boys - Murray Smith; Girls - Jodie Jackson; Meritorious performance: Track - Rebekah drummond; Field - Katie Moore.

Murray Golf Cup - Cameron Winton. Football: Player of the year - Boys: 1st Year - Kevin Lamb; 2nd Year - Finlay Ross; 3rd Year - Callum Wilson; Senior - James Blair; Girls: Junior player of the year - Dana McFarlane; Senior - Chelsea Donald. Cricket: Player of the year - Mark Johnstone.

House championships: overall house championship - Menmuir; Sports day championship - Dun; House participation trophy - Farnell.

1st/2nd Year awards: UK junior maths challenge: Bronze - Harry Barclay, Kirstin Duncan, Matthew Flood, Sophie Gill, Aaron Gray, Rhianna Shearer, Murray Smith, Viswan Thiagarajah. Silver - Patrick Kinnear; Silver and best in school - Euan Aitken. K. W. Dron Memorial Prize for the junior school - Keir McCombie. Rector’s prize for outstanding work, progress or dilligence: 1st Year - Oliver McClelland and Victoria Stewart; 2nd Year - Kira Bruce and Ryan Collie. Sir Stanley Harley awards for achievement: 1st Year - Nadia Anderson, Harry Barclay, Sarah Hodge, Siobhan Murray, Tom Pringle, Kerry Thomson. 2nd Year - Elizabeth Barreiro, Matthew Flood, Aaron Gray, Patrick Kinnear, Rhianna Shearer, Murray Smith, Viswan Thiagarajagh.

3rd/4th Year awards: The Kenneth W. Dron prize for creative writing in the middle school - Danielle Simpson; Joan Cuthbertson medal and prize for string playing - Catriona Kinninmonth; Margaret Jamieson medal and prize for string playing - Jordan Blair; Young string player of the year - Flora Henry; Thomson prize for singing - Emily Mathieson; T. Stewart’s prize for construction skills - Jakub Pionke; Engineering skills award - Andrew Smith; T.Stewart Enterprise award and CITB award for outstanding craft practical work - Alasdair Harris; CITB award for outstanding craft practical work - Gregory Hill, Mark Runcie, Jamie Spence. UK intermediate maths challenge: Bronze - Katie August, Jordan boyes, Gabriel Calvert, Hamish Duff, Zak Gorman; Silver - Karolina Tanska; Silver award and best in school - Amy MacDonald; Anderson award for all-round excellence in 4th year - Katie August and Lois Mitchell; Rector’s prize - 4th year - Sean Anderson, James Donaldson, Lisa Hastie, Carly Swankie.

Subject awards: 3rd year - Megan Blues, Nicolle Reynolds, Rebekah Drummond, Courtney Steel, Findlay Crowe, Deborah Lee, Callum Dunleavy, Hamish Duff, Alyx Clark, Chloe Murray, Dylan Adam, Callum Tinsley, Calum Littlejohn, Karolina Tanska, Rachel Thomson, Amy MacDonald; 4th year - Charlotte Wilson, Gabriel Calvert, Sophie-Louise Calder, Kendal Lindsay, Ethan Flening, Jordan Boyes, Corrie Robb, Flora Henry, Ashleith Garnes, Gregory Hill, Dylan Paterson, Christian Taylor, Carly Swankie, Lois Mitchell, Katie August, Laura Gray.

K. W. Dron memorial prize in the senior school and overall winner - Imogen Sherrit; Musical contribution to the school - Ciaran Ryan and Lori Ferries; UK senior maths challenge - Bronze - Jeni Robbie; Bronze award and best in school - Ross MacDonald, Cameron Mathieson; Andrew Halkett award for outstanding service to the school- Head Boy - Cameron Mathieson, Head Girl- Ysabeau Middleton. Subject awards - 5th/6th Year - Megan Leven, Lauren Forbes, Ronald Church, Jeni Robbie, Angus Brown, Innes Cuthill, Corrie Dunlop, Rachel Mitchell, Cameron Mathieson, Emma Ewen, Scott Valentine, Montanna Mathieson, Garth Jamieson, Aaron Murray, Ryan Mackie, Ysabeau Middleton, Andrew Littlejohn, Kellie Parsons, Imogen Sherrit; Dux of school - Imogen Sherrit.