Pupils give accounts of successes

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At this week’s meeting of Brechin Rotary Club local High School pupils Harry Runcie, Viswan Thiagarajan and Murray Smith, told of their successes at the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) camps at Nethy Bridge.

Brechin Rotary sponsored them in this challenging programme, which was adopted by World Wide Rotary International in 1971, and has been held in District 1010 since 1984.

The Brechin pupils gave assured and incisive accounts of the week-long programme. They said it included abrupt early morning reveille calls followed by a mixture of talks, gorge walking, abseiling, kayaking, hill walking and map reading, rock climbing and various other activities that invariably involved jumping into cold or dirty water.

Murray said it was a great experience and he learned a lot. Harry emphasised the team building aspect, saying that when put in competitive situations it was amazing how teams of strangers could pull together. Asked if there was any comparison with the Apprentice TV show, Viswan said the TV hopefuls could do with a week at RYLA to show them how to really work together! Rotary’s Melvin Coates, who was involved with RYLA for the club, proposed thanks.

Pictured, from left - Brechin President Steve Collis, Murray, Harry, Viswan and Melvin.