Pupils invited to watch as skyline changes

Pupils observe the crane at work
Pupils observe the crane at work

In our latest article from the Brechin High School press group, pupils Calum Pert and Sydonie Calvert write about the school’s changing skyline.

At the end of school term, some of the students from Brechin High School got the opportunity to go onto the building site of the new community campus to see the tower crane being built.

Pupils studying photography, those in the young engineers club and press group, as well as those with the highest number of merits from each year group witnessed first-hand the emergence of this impressive construction.

The crane itself is 27 meters high and, when extended to its full length, 55 meters long. When extended it can lift up to five tonnes, whereas when it is withdrawn it can lift up to 12.

The construction company made the decision to bring in the tower crane because if the builders only used mobile cranes, the building would take far longer to be completed.

The crane can reach across the entire building site and can even be seen from Little Brechin.

It is a dramatic change to Brechin’s skyline and really symbolises the big changes happening to Brechin’s community.