Pupils learn about science at STEM Day

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Andover Primary School hosted a STEM Day on Friday - STEM standing for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

The school invited lecturers from Dundee University’s Education Department to help deliver a day of various enlightening activities.

Also on hand to help were staff from Dundee Science Centre.

Teacher Simon Corrie told us: “This is a great example of schools working in partnership with other educational establishments.”

When The Brechiner visited the school during STEM Day, it was clear there was huge interest in the activities that were taking place.

In one experiment, it was demonstrated what happened when something fizzy, such as an Alka Seltzer, was placed inside a sealed test tube – with some sorcery involving water.

To great whoops of glee, the test tube would suddenly shoot high into the air.

The visiting staff explained what had happened, and the youngsters noted the time it took for the reaction to happen.

Our cameraman was delighted to capture the expressions on the faces at one table when the test tube shot off at speed and landed on his shoulder!