Pupils represent school at partnership awards

Pictured are pupils at the Partnership Award event
Pictured are pupils at the Partnership Award event

As representatives of Brechin High School, Amy Reid and Erin Robbie were awarded a prize for the school’s partnership with The Forster Group recently.

Brechin High with Forster Roofing were award winners earned a Partnership Excellence Awards.

The pair have worked together for many years, allowing pupils from fourth to sixth year to gain apprenticeships, with the business offering a wealth of opportunities, skills, expertise, knowledge and experience.

A partnership that initially started off with only the roofing element of the business, the group of companies now comprises Forster Roofing which deliver pitched roofing installation services, Forster Energy who provide a solar PV installation solutions service and Forster Industrial who distribute specialist construction and industrial chemicals and membranes.

The company also makes a significant contribution to the Columba 1400 project where the school sends 13 pupils and three staff to develop confidence and team building skills.

HR Director of Forster Roofing, Maureen Douglas helped in interviews for head girl/boy as well as assisting in mock-interviews for fourth years, an invaluable learning experience for pupils.

Ms Gregory, who was also at the awards, said of Amy and Erin: “I am very proud of these girls. They worked very hard and were also awarded an ‘Employer Endorsement Award’ from Forster to recognise their hard work.”