Report identifies school’s key strengths

Maisondieu Primary School
Maisondieu Primary School

A Brechin primary school’s approach to developing leadership capacity in staff and pupils has been acknowledge in an inspection report.

Maisondieu Primary School and nursery class was the recent subject on an inspection, with Education Scotland outlining a number of key strengths in their published report.

These included:

Children’s experiences in the nursery.

Well behaved children who enjoy school and contribute very effectively to the school community.

The school’s approaches to developing leadership capacity in children and staff.

The headteacher’s work in creating and leading a collegiate school community in which children can develop and learn.

The inspectors also spoke with school staff and Angus education authority about how to continue to improve the school and nursery class. It was agreed that the focus would be on continuing to raise attainment and continuing with plans to ensure that all children receive appropriate challenge in their learning.

The school was given a ‘very good’ classification for learners’ experiences and meeting learning needs, with a ‘good’ classification for improvements in performance.

Both the nursery class and the school received ‘very good’ for the curriculum and improvement through self-evaluation.

The nursery received ‘very good’ in children’s experiences, meeting learning needs and improvements in performance.

An Education Scotland spokesperson said: “We are satisfied with the overall quality of provision. We are confident that the school’s self-evaluation processes are leading to improvements.

“As a result, we will make no further evaluative visits in connection with this inspection.

“During the inspection, we identified an aspect of innovative practice which we would like to explore further.

“We shall work with the school and Angus Council to record the innovative practice and share it more widely.”