Returning to school after 50 years

Lathallan School welcomed 50 guests back to the school for a 50th anniversary dinner to celebrate 50 years since leaving the school on Saturday, April 27.

Organised by Mr Barclay Low (1958-63), the evening was full of memories and fond recollections of being a pupil at the school back in early 1960’s.

They were joined by Alan Lawson, president of Scottish Rugby Union, Sir Moir Lockhead, chairman of Scottish Rugby Union and a Board Member at Lathallan School and professor Sir Graeme Catto, chairman of the Lathallan Board of Governors.

Speeches and toasts were made by Alastair Shepherd, (1968-73), chairman of the Old Lathallan Association and John Hendry (1957-63) who recalled with great fondness the headmaster Mr Raymond Burton who shaped so many lives during his time as headmaster from 1950 to 1975. 2013 marks also what would have been Mr Burton’s 100th birthday.

A beautiful meal prepared by Lathallan’s own chef, Chris Carter, was enjoyed at the castle.