Safety first for P6 youngsters

YOUngsters will receive hands on experience in dealing with emergencies at the Jock Neish Centre in Tannadice over the next few weeks.

The primary six pupils will learn practical ways to deal with everyday dangers at the Safe Angus event, which is supported by Angus Council, Tayside Police, Tayside Fire and Rescue, and other community planning partners.

More than 750 youngsters are taking part in the event which opened on Tuesday (yesterday) and run to Thursday, June 14 and is popular with pupils and teachers.

Over the course of the day, those taking part are faced with real-life scenarios depicting emergency situations. The pupils then assess the dangers and risks presented and learn how to deal with them in a safe setting.

Typical scenarios include fire safety, first aid, road safety, water safety, and safe internet use.

After completing the course the participants are faced with a knowledge check in the form of a quiz. They are then given a quick debrief and the messages are reinforced.