School proves it is ‘small but mighty’

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Stracathro Primary School have proved they are ‘small but mighty’ following their glowing report by government inspectors.

The primary and nursery school both received very good in the following quality indicators:-

Improvements in performance; learners’ experiences; and, meeting learning need

Inspectors also evaluated the following aspects of the work of the school and nursery classes as being ‘good’:-

The curriculum and improvement through self-evaluation.

Alan Urquhart, HM inspector, commented: “Across the school and nursery, children learn and achieve very well.

“They are happy and enjoy their learning.

“Almost all children are highly motivated, extremely proud of their school and very keen to learn.

“Children behave very responsibly, respect each other and try their best in their classwork.

“At all stages, children are active in their learning.

“Staff are developing the use of ‘Home School Link Folders’ to encourage children to reflect on their learning and plan their next steps in their own leaning.

He added: “In the nursery class, children are developing effective skills in listening and talking.

“Children enjoy numeracy and mathematics and are making strong progress.

“Teachers give high quality feedback which is helping children improve their writing further.

“Staff know children and their families well and those children who need extra help with their learning are well supported.

“As a result of strong processes for evaluating and monitoring the quality of its work, the school has an accurate view of its strengths and areas for improvement.

“With staff, the headteacher evaluates the work of the school effectively.”