Staff praised for fire safety

Andover Primary School Brechin
Andover Primary School Brechin

Staff from a primary school in Brechin have been praised by a local councillor for their efforts in a recent fire.

Andover Primary School was evacuated last week following a fire in the changing rooms, and councillor Jim Houston has thanked staff for how they handled the incident.

He said: “It was shocking to hear of such an event happening in a local primary school but was heartening to hear that the correct safety procedures were successfully carried out and that all children were safely evacuated and cared for.

“It shows just how vigilant we all have to be regarding fire safety procedures and of course fires themselves as they can and do unexpectedly happen.

“While it may have been inconvenient that the children could not return to the school the following day, it was important that the cause of the fire was thoroughly investigated and that the school was put back into suitable order and condition.

“I am pleased that this was done as quickly as possible. I would like to thank the school staff for the way they handled the incident and cared for the pupils and for the support of the parents whilst the school was put back into proper order.”