Staging Cinderella


Pupils from the support for learning department at Brechin High School produced and presented a play to celebrate the graduation of a number of pupils from the department.

Cinderella, the play, was co-written by pupils from B6 with help from their friends.

Props and costumes were sourced by staff and pupils of B6 with each pupil having last say in what they should wear, and how the props should be decorated.

The presentation was to celebrate the graduation of the following pupils:-

Shania Rennie, to attend Rosehill, Montrose; Mikael Johannesson, to attend Dundee College; and James Cameron, to attend Angus College.

Cast list for the production was as follows: Narrator – Stephanie Shepherd; Cinderella – Shania Rennie; Clarrissa McNasty - Alicia McKenzie; Rocketina McNasty – Mikael Johannesson; Spuderika McNasty – James Cameron; Fairy Bubbles/Messenger – Bethany Pannell; King – Shelby Smith; Queen – Caity Patrlj; Prince Harry – Kayleigh Carr; Footman – Carmen West; Coachman – Megan Leven. Props/Costumes – Jodi Morrison, Mrs Parkin, Mrs McCombie, Mrs Alexander. Direction/Prompt – Mrs Bell.