Success for Brechin High at County Sports

On Monday, June 3, the Angus County Sports Event took place at Caird Park in Dundee.

The Brechin High School team was carefully selected and their hard work and preparation paid dividends on the day.

The girls’ team ranging from S1 to S6 pupils won a total of seven medals and the boys’ team, also ranging from S1 to S6, won a total of four medals. This is the most success Brechin High School has had in recent years and the pupils worked very hard to achieve this success.

The following pupils won medals with some achieving county standards;

Nikola Vasiljeva - Bronze S2 long jump.

Dana McFarlane - Senior 800m.

Wallis Mathieson - Bronze S1 hurdles.

Klaudija Ozolina - Gold and standard badge S2 javelin.

Karolina Naglik - Silver S3 shot.

Katie Moore - Bronze senior shot.

Elizabeth Barriero - Gold senior 400m and Bronze senior long jump.

Kerry Thomson - Silver 300m and Bronze 1500m.

Dominik Frankowski - Gold and standard badge S2 Javelin.

Dean Easton - Silver senior shot and Bronze senior Discus.

Sam Wood - Bronze S3 800m.