Top marks for day care

A local Brechin children’s day care facility has received an excellent inspection report from the Care Inspectorate.

Playspaces on Market Street, which opened for business last year, received an unannounced inspection on May 13, and the recently released report has no recommendations or requirements for the facility to meet.

Marianne Bain, who carried out the inspection, graded the quality of care and support at level five (very good).

Quality of environment and staffing also received a grade five.

Quality of management and leadership received a grade four (good), with Ms Bain explaining: “We acknowledge that the service had very good systems in place to support their quality assurance programme.

“The grade of four - good - reflects that this was the services’ first year in operation hence there was very limited opportunity to carry out any formal reviews of the service.”

In her report, Ms Bain outlined praise for the centre from one of the parents who were present during the inspection. She said: “They said they would give the service 10 out of 10.”

Staff at Playspaces were also praised in the report. Ms Bain commented: “Two staff were present during the inspection. They were enthusiastic and dynamic and completely focused on the needs of the children who were present.”

She added: “Staff were encouraging children to be independent.

“Staff also focused on good manners - the children were very polite and well mannered and staff were very good role models.”

When establishing if the environment is safe and service users are protected, the report found “very good evidence” to support this, adding that “the provider had paid very good attention to children’s safety and security.”