‘Very good’ report card

Government inspectors have praised Edzell Primary School on their ‘good’ and ‘very good’ inspection report.

The inspection report found the school to have happy, confident children who achieve well in their learning and partnership working with the wider community.

Also found to be key strengths were the staff support for children’s care and welfare and the leadership of the head teacher in the management for change.

HM Inspector Alan Urquart said: “Across the school and nursery class, children learn and achieve very well.

“They are developing confidence through taking part in activities within their local community.

“From nursery to P7, staff support children to develop and learn well.

“It is clear that the school is improving the quality of its work and will continue to do so.”

Although receiving such a great report the school still has a few areas to work on including building on effective practice to ensure all children are suitably challenged in their learning, taking forward agreed plans to develop the curriculum further and continue to track children’s progress systematically.