Youngsters out to stop peers from lighting up

Pictured are pupils with their certificates
Pictured are pupils with their certificates

Pupils at Brechin High School recently completed a training programme to help prevent their peers from taking up smoking.

A total of 17 pupils took part in the two-day course, designed to educate people about the implications of the habit.

S1 pupils Kerris May and Kadie Wilkinson wrote about the experience, which saw each of the pupils who participated receive a certificate to mark their successful completion of the course.

They explained: “A group of Brechin High pupils recently received their certificates for completing the ASSIST training programme.

‘‘The programme began with the whole of our S1 selecting their most ‘influential’ peers.

‘‘The 17 pupils were then given training to help them talk to their friends about the dangers of smoking.”

The duo also included an account from two pupils who participated in the event.

They said: “Recently we took part in a Smoking Assist Programme. As we moved on in this we were trained to be peer supporters to prevent young people from starting smoking. The programme leaders helped us to become confident enough to talk to others about smoking.

“For two days we had the privilege of taking part in a training workshop at the Glen Esk Hotel in Edzell. This is where we learned the disadvantages of smoking and what it does to your health.

“At the end of these two days we were given diaries to keep a record of all our conversations we had with our classmates.

“Sadly the training came to an end, but now we have been given the opportunity to help young people quit an addictive habit and live a long and healthier life.”