Zero tolerance approach to bullying is emphasised

THE zero tolerance approach to bullying in Angus schools was emphasised at a meeting recently.

A report before the council’s Education Committee (January 19) informed members of the updating of the national bullying policy by the Scottish Government.

The national approach aims to communicate and promote common vision and aims, and ensure that work across all agencies and communities contributes to a national anti-bullying culture.

The committee heard that the current Angus anti-bullying policy was commended recently by the Scottish Government and respectme - the national anti-bullying service.

The Angus policy was adopted in 2009, and takes account of advances in technology and the potential for ‘cyber’ bullying.

It is due to be reviewed this year, and this will take full account of the revised national guidance and further advances in technology.

Education convener Peter Nield said: “Whatever form it takes, in Angus we will continue to strive to eradicate bullying, and ensure that our schools are safe learning environments.

“The message is quite clear - bullying of any kind in Angus schools is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. In developing a revised policy this year, we will consult with teachers, pupils and parents, to continue to ensure that in Angus we can prevent and address bullying and the misery it can cause.”