Edzell artist’s utter delight at success of his creation

Peter Davidson
Peter Davidson

Peter Davidson, the Oor Wullie artist who lives in Glenesk, has expressed his delight at his ‘Oor Original’ statue being sold for £50,000.

The lot was sold during a live streaming auction at Dundee Rep theatre on Tuesday, September 13, and the 70 sculptures on offer raised a staggering £883,000 for the ARCHIE Foundation and its £2 million campaign to provide a new twin operating suite at Tayside Children’s Hospital.

Suzanne Scott (seated front) and Peter Davidson (back centre) with some of the other Bucket Trail artists.

Suzanne Scott (seated front) and Peter Davidson (back centre) with some of the other Bucket Trail artists.

Peter told our reporter: “I’m utterly delighted that Oor Original made so much money, it was astonishing. I’m even more delighted about the total raised.”

Peter, who also designed the Oor Golfer statue which sold for £20,000, was keen to stress that Oor Original was a joint venture with Suzanne Scott, the artist coordinator of the Bucket Trail.

He said: “Suzanne laid it out and I etched in the details. I was delighted to make a contribution and some of the other designs were truly remarkable.”

Suzanne Scott confirmed the working relationship with the man who has drawn Oor Wullie’s adventures every week since 1993, having first produced artwork for the strip in the late 1970s.

She said: “Peter was such a nice collaborator to work with. I did the big blacks and whites and he provided the details.”

Talking of the success of the Bucket Trail and the huge amount of money raised at the auction, Suzanne continued: “The whole thing feels like a dream and it will take a while to sink in - I did three other statues myself and they raised a total of £40,000.

“The Bucket Trail has been a huge career highlight but it involved an incredible amount of hard work, although you never achieve anything worthwhile without it.”

Suzanne has many more artistic projects in the pipeline, including illustrating a book.

However, right now she is looking forward to a well-deserved break, something she “really needs” after her efforts on the Bucket Trail.

Peter, whose website www.davidsonart.com contains fantastic examples of his work, was left to explain the enduring appeal of Oor Wullie as a character.

He explained: “He’s in our DNA - everybody loves him!”