Edzell Church holiday club

EDZELL Parish Church had to make a late redesign of a kids’ holiday club poster because of the Olympics.

The original poster had included the five Olympic rings but it was pointed out to the designers that Olympic symbols cannot be used with the permission of the IOC.

Rather than go through the long process of applying, and possibly being turned down, the holiday club organisers decided it was better and quicker to do a redesign.

Bill Greig,the church’s publicity officer said: “ The IOC is really quite hard about protecting its copyright on the Olympic symbols. It was a shame because the five rings really gave the poster great impact and of course the kids’ holiday club coincides with the London games. But we think the redesign is great.”

Helping with the club is a special team from Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church in Bangor, Northern Ireland.

The team will be taking part in a service in Edzell Church on Sunday, July 29 and this will be followed by a special lunch so that they can meet the congregation. The club runs from Monday, July 30 to Friday, August 3.

Registration forms can be obtained from Edzell Post Office and should be filled in and returned there by Friday, July 27.