Edzell church hosts ‘Polar Explorers’ summer club for primary age children

Edzell Church is inviting all primary school aged children to attend a summer holiday club in the Church Hall.

The club starts on Monday, August 10, and runs each morning from 10.30 am to 12.30pm for five days.

No cost is involved and the children will receive juice and biscuits mid-morning.

Registration forms are available on the Edzell Church website www.edzellchurch.org.uk, but if a child wants to come along on the first morning without prior notice (at 10.20 am) they will still be made welcome. They don’t need to be church goers and it isn’t necessary either, to attend every day.

The theme of the week is ‘Polar Explorers’, with Sir Random Finds and Bare Feet, plus a host of other characters, entertaining the children with games, stories, songs and craft activities. Friday, August 14, is dress up day and parents are welcome to come for lunch on this last day. For further information, please contact Jacqui Cook on 01356 648063.