Edzell concern over double yellow lines

THERE is concern among the business community in Edzell as to what impact the new waiting restrictions will have on the main thoroughfare.

Signs were displayed on lamp-posts in the High Street at the end of last week, indicating that the Angus Council (Edzell Waiting Restrictions) Order 2011 was coming into operation, and leaving businesses in the area apprehensive about what impact they will have on the area.

Dianne Timony, who owns the Wee Market Shop in Edzell with her husband Drew, has concerns that lack of parking will have a serious effect on their business.

She said: “We do not know exactly what is happening, or how far along the road the double yellow lines will go.

“They (the council) have made no provision at all to make sure that there are parking spaces for residents or businesses during the day.

“We did have an opportunity to object when the planning notification went in but in my experience it is a waste of time to do anything.

“By the time it has reached planning permission there is no point objecting because it will go ahead regardless.

“For us, if elderly people or those with young kids cannot park in front of the shop then they will go elsewhere, so it will definitely affect our business.

“If residents come and park their car in front of our shop for the whole weekend, because they are not using the car, then we are snookered.

“For each yellow line I think four parking spaces will be lost.

“There hasn’t been any accidents in the High Street, and no-one has been knocked down to justify them doing this.

“It is going to have a very adverse effect on business. If residents cannot park in front of their homes then they will have to park somewhere else.

“If that means they park in front of my shop do I fall out with my neighbours or do I let my business go down the pan?

“There is no provision for visitors to Edzell being able to park.

“We need these summer visitors to see us through the winter. If they cannot park and do not visit the shops then it could be really quite serious.”

Drew added: “What annoys me is that it is illegal to park on corners yet people still park on them. If they do not police what laws we had are they going to police the double yellow lines or are people just going to park there anyway.”

Maureen McIntosh and Lesley Box at the Edzell Tweedie Coffee Shop were also worried about how the changes will effect their business.

“We think that it will have an effect on business. If you have someone who is not so good on their legs and they cannot get parked anywhere near then they are just going to go and find somewhere else.

“Where are customers going to park?

“It will just be pushing the problem further up the town. Our customers will be parking up at the Spar, who will not be happy with that, and then their customers will have to park further up the town.

“If you can’t get stopped close to the place you want you just go to the next place.

“Parking will be more of a problem here as well because people are going to have to park on both sides of the road.

“We are not aware of anyone coming in and asking how we felt about having waiting restrictions.

“The lines are not worth the paint unless we have a traffic warden out all the time.

“You can phone the police but, by the time they come out, the person will have driven off.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “The proposed waiting restrictions in Edzell, which are being introduced at the request of the community council, have been extensively advertised in the press and now, by means of notices on lamp-posts.

“It is likely that the lines will not be laid until nearer the end of April. The double yellow lines will provide junction protection extending for about 15 metres in five locations where side streets meet the High Street.

“Tayside Police are responsible for enforcing the waiting restrictions.”