Edzell gearing up for its annual November display

Edzell will be holding their annual fireworks display on November 2.
Edzell will be holding their annual fireworks display on November 2.

Volunteers have been busy preparing for Edzell Bonfire and Fireworks Display, which is to take place this year on Saturday, November 7.

The event, which is community run, will be held at Edzell Muir, with the bonfire lit at 6.30pm and the fireworks starting at 6.45.

Fiona Work, who organises the event, said: “This is a well-run, safe, small local run bonfire and firework display

“Our main aim is a family fun safe event, not profit making.

“It is a 100% community run event by volunteers and local businessmen including Jack Craighead, Peter Myles and David Bruce

“It is supported by Angus Council, Castle Huntly Prison and the local police force.”

The event is funded purely on donations received and collection buckets will be present on the night so people cancontribute for next year’s event.

As well as the bucket donations, organisers will also be selling glowstick and light sabres on the night to raise funds. Fiona added@ “We have run out on previous events and will order many more this year.”

The guy for the bonfire has been made by Edzell Primary School.

In a bid to reduce the number of parked cars, organisers have highlighted that bus services travel to the village in time for the event. Fiona explained: “There is a 21A bus that leaves brechin at 6.03pm and leaves Edzell at 8.22pm.

“We have asked for an additional bus this year from Brechin

“Come early and eat in local businesses such as Tuck Inn (carry out and sit down), No 63, Panmure Arms, Glenesk Hotel and Edzell Tweed Warehouse.”

Organisers are also urging those attending to take parking safety in to account when travelling.

Fiona said: “We are a victim of our own success to an extent. With events cancelled in other areas we had many people coming to Edzell. Although the event its self can cope with the capacity, car parking can’t.”

Organisers are asking anyone planning to attend the event this year to be mindful of parking in the area, and have issued a number of tips and suggestions (see right).

The event takes place on the same night as the newly -nstated Arbroath fireworks display, and organisers from both events hope that the choice of two displays will help spread crowds.

Fiona explained: “It’s not about competing with each other, its about fostering support.

‘‘We are always happy to share lessons we’ve learned with other groups who want host their own