Edzell has new street-lighting

New street-lighting has been installed in Edzell to replace lights which were installed in the sixties (writes Shona Beaton).

Councillor Bob Myles told the Inveresk Community Council: “Some lighting columns were put in in the sixties.

“They were assessed by experts and were found to be past their sell-by dates.

“It was decided to put in new energy efficient lights across Angus and it is now Edzell’s turn.

“All of Edzell will eventually be done.

“The work is a fixed price contract and the contractors are very efficient at doing and finishing the job.

“New lighting will be fitted with Christmas hangings and should be able to take hanging baskets.

“All fixings can be transferred over from the old lights to the new lights.”

As a result of the work which has been carried out the Inveresk community council noted that pavements are now in a poor state of repair.

Councillor Myles explained that all pavements will be assessed for repair.

Church street and High Stree is down to be resurfaced and would be done.

An update of matters arising from previous meetings include the introduction of double yellow lines in Edzell.

In April the council said they would carry out work to install double yellow lines.

As of yet this work is still outstanding.

It has been concluded that there would be no feasibility of installing mains water to Edzell Cemetery.

However, Councillor Myles explained that there was every possibility that the council may provide a water butt for the cemetery which could be used to collect rain water.

Also at the cemetery it was reported that repairs to the rusted entrance gate should take place in the next few weeks.

Palm trees which had died outside Inglis Memorial hall have been removed and new palm trees have be planted.

It was reported that there could be plans for recycling collections in Lethnot but this would not be until next year.

In the meantime, residents in the area have to take goods for recycling to centres in Edzell and Brechin.