Edzell plea for bonfire help

The skies over Edzell will be ablaze with fireworks on November 5 as part of the annual Edzell display. However, it needs the community to ensure it continues.

“Traditionally, on the eve of the Saturday nearest the November 5 our local children gather on Edzell muir, open mouthed with heads upward gazing in awe at the twinkling fireworks,” said an Edzell Village Improvement Society (EVIS) spokesperson.

“Our guy, carefully made by our own local school children at school, burns fiercely on the fire, in the specially prepared pit carefully designed and prepared by EVIS, Noranside and Angus Council.

“Food at the event is warm soup donated by local villagers or burgers on rolls from the local butcher and baker.

“An event organised, run and enjoyed by local people for local people, this traditional gethering has entertained our young children and not so young children for decades.

“Unfortunately, this yearly event is under threat. We have an issue in our village that last year the soaring cost of fireworks, insurances and safety structures protecting our cherished children make the event a budgetary challenge.

“Yet, the village enjoys holding this event for our children not because it is a profit making event but because it is dwindling phenomena - it is a community event.”

The well run event has always broken even until last year when the village made a small loss due to rising insurance and firework costs, however, the village wants to continue with this traditional event.

Edzell has continued to support a bonfire and firework night whilst other larger villages and town have discontinued due to financial constraints.

For such an event to function it relies solely on the good will of the dedicated few who shake the buckets that go round on the night looking for funding from the spectators. Until last year the content of the buckets was always enough to fund the event.

“This is an event run by you and needs to be funded by you,” continued the EVIS spokesperson.

“Please dig deep in your pockets this year for the event to continue.”

The event will take place on Saturday, November 5.

The bonfire will start at 6.30 pm with the fireworks shooting off at 6.45 pm.