Edzell’s Gassy Brae looking likely candidate for clean-up

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Edzell’s Gassy Brae looks likely to get a clear-up from Angus Council following complaints about the area being overgrown.

The area will get a tidy up, including the steps down from North Esk Road.

Councillor Jim Houston explained to members of the Inveresk Community Council: “I got an email about concerns about the missing picnic table and also about the state of the grass in the overgrown area.

“I got in touch with a parks services officer and he has had a site visit and the area will get a complete tidy up, including, he said, the steps down from North Esk Road.”

Councillor Houston added that he would try and find out where the maintenance of Gassy Brae was on the list to ensure that it did not get in the condition it has got into again.

It was also mentioned that the picnic table that was at Gassy Brae was removed to be repaired about five years ago, although it was uncertain who removed it.

Options are available for the reintroduction of a picnic bench to the area, although no solution was made.

“If you were to ask the Parks Department, they could consider it if they have money left at the year end, but there is not that much money around,” suggested Councillor Houston.

“We are not talking about hundreds of benches here.

“Another option is that the Brechin Civic Trust purchased benches for the community. So if a bench was donated it would be installed and maintained after that.”